Default value on a specific field helps you enter data automatically, allows you to save time and reduce human error. Workiom provides a "Default Value" option for 4 types of data fields:

1) Static List:

 You can choose any value from static list value as default value. For example you can set the status of each new contact to 'New'.

2) Date:

You can choose a default value for date fields either by selecting dynamic options such as 'today', 'yesterday', '7 days ago'... or by selecting a date directly on the calendar.

3) User:

You can choose the record creator as default value of the record by selecting 'Me' option.

4) Check List

Using Check List field, you can add different subtasks or lists for each record, however if there is default items for each record to have, you can add them by selecting 'Set Default' option.

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