Lookup feature is only applicable when your list contains a linked list field type. It is especially useful when you want to display a field other than the primary field from a linked record.


The lookup field just works with a linked list field with a single selection.
The new field type should match the lookup field type.

Case study #1:

In our CRM template, we have two lists named: companies and contacts. We want to display the company's phone number in contacts list ( contacts list don't contain company's phone number field as default, just contact phone number)

Note: Make sure the contacts list have a linked field with companies list, if not, add it as described here: Linked List _

Company list is linked to contact list the following options:

now to create our field, just click on 'Field' and then 'New Field'

Enter name of field "Company phone number".
Choose the field type as "Field Lookup".
In Field Linked List (Only Linked Lists with Single Select), choose company (This name may differ depending on your field name, in our case its name is company)
In Lookup Field, choose phone number.

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