When something important happens on your app, you would like to know it, especially if you have been assigned a new task or record. Similarly, if you are running a complex project, you are ultimately relying on your Project Management Tool to get timely notifications for tasks on their deadline, who would want to miss an important deadline and lose a client?

Workiom makes sure you get your project and tasks in order with smart notification system. 

The Inbox is where you will see all updates from records assigned to you, the mentions you received or automated notifications that address you. Use it as your own personal notification feed, where you can see everything you are intended to complete.

You can filter your notifications by choosing an app from the top right corner:

You can archive notifications as follows or choose to archive all notifications:

You can always access to your 'Archived' notifications on the 'Archived' tab

Email Notifications: By default, all email notifications are turned on for each new user, but you can go to your notifications settings to change that. You can also choose which kinds of notifications you would like to get with an email:

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