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May, 2020

Checklist data type
Mention in comments

April, 2020

Inline editing for data grid

February, 2020

Lookup Data type
Auto-number data type

January, 2020

Advance Permissions

December, 2019

Mass Update
Unique feature on Field

November, 2019

New Record Layout
Currency Data Type
New Datatypes: (Email, Website, Phone Number)

October, 2019

Calendar View

September, 2019

Cascaded List
Notification on Assigned To, Due Date

August, 2019

New Theme for Workiom
Support Linked List with External App
Support Zapier integration

July, 2019

Templates & Categories
New Data Grid view

June, 2019

Import from CSV file

May, 2019

Public Form View

April, 2019

Supporting On-premise database
Developed Mobile App

March, 2019

Clone App

February, 2019

Computed Field (Formula)
Count Data Type
Export to CSV

January, 2019

Permissions Features on Apps (Access & Admin)
Rollup Data Type
History on Record
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