Public Forms are another way to populate our lists. We can create a form link to share with anyone online and gather data directly into our lists. There are many use cases for public forms, which we will discuss later in this article. But first, let's see how we can create a public form.

In order to add a public form for a list, we need to create a new view by clicking on 'New View' button and select 'Form'. Then click on 'Create' button.

You can customise the name and description of the form to explain it better.

By default, all of the custom fields on you list are added to the form. You can select the fields you want to populate using 'Hide' and 'Show' buttons next to each field. The left side of your screen shows the fields that are visible on your form, the right side show the hidden.

When you are done with customising the form, click on 'Generate Link' button to copy the sharing options.

There are two options; 'Share via Link' and 'Share via Embedded HTML'. If you are planning to use the form on a website or if you want to embed it into an email, just copy the embedded HTML code. Also you can choose the size of the form for embedding option.

If you want to send the link to the form or add a button that directs visitors to the form, you can copy the link.

Note: Clicking on 'Regenerate' will change the link to create a new one and will make the old link invalid.

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