Workiom provides five fields as system fields for each record to help users create /update their filters and views (Grid and Kanban) and get the desired results.

The system fields in Workiom are:

Creator: The user that created the record.
Creation Date: The date/time at which the record was created.
Last Modifier: The last user that updated/modified the record.
Last Modified Date: The last date/time at which the record was modified.
Last Activity Date: The last activity also includes the comments on the record apart from the changes in fields.

Those fields are automatically recorded for each record; there is no need to add them when you create a list.

You can use these fields in filters and Table and Board views in Workiom. (read more about Search & Filters , Table View , Board View

System fields in filters

System fields in Views:

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Table View

Quick Search & Advanced Filter
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