Workiom is a cloud collaboration service that allow the creation of day-to-day business applications to manage data and workflows. It is essentially a cross-over between databases and spreadsheets with a smart brain to manage data flows between users and statuses. Users can organize their data into lists composed of specific field types such as 'checkbox', 'phone number', and 'drop-down list', and can reference file attachments like images and other documents. Additionally, user can connect one list to another creating unlimited usage scenario raging from approval, production to evolution processes. 

Using Workiom, users can create and customise their solution in just a few clicks. In each application, they can collaborate, search, filter and sort records and publish views to external websites. And since there is not a single way to represent data, Workiom allows the creation of Kanban boards, calendars, and specific lists to better present data to its consumers.

Workiom offers tens of template designed and built by technology experts. Users can install or customise them to develop their CRM, Accounting, HR, Task Management and many other apps. Moreover, Workiom implements state-of-art security technology to protect users’ data from intrusion. It also enables the creation of different access rules to reflect their organisational structures.

Workiom is compatible with multiple devices. On desktop computers and mobiles, users see data in a spreadsheet format and cards. Additionally, users can add and remove data, attach files and share tables.

Workiom integrates services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote and Google Drive and 1500 other cloud services through Zapier. Tables in this SaaS are shareable, and users can track who is making changes to documents and when.
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