Linked list is a very important feature in Workiom. It allows you to create a relation between existing lists you have. This field type allows you to connect a record to another record in another list. This can be very helpful in finding related information and eliminating data duplication.

In Workiom, It is simple to work with data that have relation like Like Linked List.

For example, We have a CRM template that have the following structure:

Each company has multiple "Contacts" and "Events".

Those lists (Companies, Contacts and Events) are connected to each others as Linked List.

If you want to add a company, you would see the relation with "Contacts" and "Events" such as:

You can either enter the name of an contact by typing directly in the "Contact" textbox to search for it, or by adding it if it does not already exist. You don't have to go to the "Contact" list to add a new contact! Just type the new name and and then click on click to add it.

Example: Search for "Gerad", it will automatically appear in search result.

After adding Gerad and jim as contacts, you would see the record as linked records. To unlink a record, delete the relation by clicking on the minus (-) icon at the right top corner of the card.

You can use the "Link" button to see more records in the linked list. See the picture below.

To view the whole picture, see this short video!

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