Linked lists are simple and a effective way to create a relation between two different lists. This field type allows you to connect a record to another record in another list. This can be very helpful in finding related information and eliminating data duplication.

Usage Examples:

  1. Linking a "product" with an "order".
  2. Linking a "contact" with an associated "company".
  3. Linking a "bill" with a "customer".


  1. Allow Multiple (optional): allow linking multiple records to the original at the same time.
  2. Linked List (required): specifies the list to from which records could be linked.
  3. Link With an External App (optional): allow linking with lists from other apps available in your workspace.
  4. Linked App (required): specifies the app that contains the list you want to link to, if the “Link With an External App” option is checked.


Assume you want to create a new app for an educational institute. There are at least two lists to create: "courses" and "teachers". Each course have a teacher, and each teacher may teach many courses.

Let us create those lists, and make this relations in Workiom!

First Step:

Create a new app named: My courses.

Second Step:

Create a new list named: Courses with the field:

  1. Name: Field Type text
  2. Description: Field Type text with "Multiline"'s option checked.
  3. Duration: Field Type static list with this values: 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months

Go back to list and insert some data such as the following:

Third Step:

Create a new list named: Teachers with those field:

  1. Full name: Field type text.
  2. Phone number: Field type phone number.
  3. Email: Field type email.
  4. Notes: Field type text with "Multiline"'s option checked.

Back to list and insert some data:

Now that we have created two lists: "courses" and "teachers", let's now create the relation between them!

Create a relation:

  1. Go to the "Courses" list and click on the "edit list" button.
  2. Click on "New Field" button.
  3. Enter the field name as "Teachers", and choose the Field Type as "Linked list".
  4. Choose the list "Teachers" from the Linked list drop down.

Congratulations, you have created a new field in the Courses list linked with the Teachers list.

Don't forget to check the "Allow Multiple" option, if checked this means that a specific course could be taught by one or more teachers.

You can go back to the list "Courses" and update some of existing records

You would see a new field with the name "Teachers". You can assign a course for one or more existing teachers. Click on the text box, on the "Link" button, or create a new teacher if the teacher does not already exists in the list!

Click on the "Save" button and then back to list view!

Note: You will not need to go to Teachers list and make the link again, Because Workiom automatically create the link in the teacher list!

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