Workiom offers 4 views for your data: Grid, Kanban, Public form and Calendar. Views allow you to have a different way of looking at your data. The default view in Workiom is the Grid view, which looks like a traditional speadsheet with records organized in rows and fields in columns.

To create a new "Grid" view, just click on "New View" link as shown in the image below, and choose "Grid".

A popup window will the list of all fields belonging to the list will appear as follow:

Enter name of the new view and then choose the fields you would like to appear in the grid. Hiding a field does not delete it or change the data contained in the field, it just hides it from the view. This is particularly helpful if you want to minimize distractions in a specific view.

The Grid view will appear like this.

Adding a filter to a specific view is also very helpfull to have quick access to specific records.

How to edit, delete a view?

It is simple, each view have three points above each other (ellipsis), just click on it, you will get a menu with tow options, edit and delete!

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