Lookup feature is only applicable when your list contains a linked list field type. It is especially useful when you want to display a field other than the primary field from a linked record.

For example, if you have a "Contacts" list with a field linking to a "Companies" list, you could create a lookup field that displays the linked company's phone number.

In the image below, just we choose the phone number from Company linked list as lookup field:

So the result is, the company phone number will appear in contacts list view.


  • The lookup field just works with a linked list field with a single selection.
  • The new field type should match the lookup field type.

Case study #1:

In our CRM template, we have two named: companies and contacts. We want to display the company's phone number in contacts list ( contacts list don't contain company's phone number field as default, just contact phone number)

Note: Make sure the contacts list have a linked field with companies list, if not, add it as described here: linked list

Company list is linked to contact list the following options:

now to create our field, just click on new field button from list editing form,

  • Enter name of field "Company phone number".
  • Choose the field type as "Phone Number".
  • Click on lookup checkbox.
  • In Lookup Linked List (Only Linked Lists with Single Select), choose company (This name may differ depending on your field name, in our case its name is company)
  • In Lookup Field, choose phone number. (Note: if no values appears in the list, this means that no fields in the linked list match your newly created field type).

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