Generate Documents using Workiom

You can use Workiom's ability to communicate really well with other platforms to create your desired document with the data you have in your workspace.

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The is a step-by-step guide on how to create document based on the info already found in a record in your workspace

We will take invoice generation as an example

Step - 1: Install the Template.

Install Sales Order Tracking from the templates in your workspace.

The fields in the template are as follow:

  • #: Record ID
  • OrderDate
  • ClientName
  • Order ID
  • Products: The requested products
  • Invoice_Address: Client Address
  • Expected_amount: the expected amount.
  • Discount or Additional fee
  • Final_Amount: The final amount after the discount or additional fees applied.

Step - 2: Create a list for InvoicesThis list should contain the following fields:

  • Invoice ID
  • SalesOrder: The Sales Order Tracking Record ID from the previous list.
  • DocFile URL: A link to the generated invoice in docx format
  • PDFFileURL: A link to the generated invoice in PDF format
  • DocFile: The generated file attached in docx format.
  • PDFFile: The generated file attached in PDF format.

Step - 3: Create a template using Google Docs

The values that will be received from Workiom should be inserted using the double curly, (e.g.  {{FINAL_AMOUNT}}) brackets, please note that the name of the field should be an exact match of the field name in your workspace. Below screenshot as an example

Step - 4: Create a Zap

  • Open Zapier and create a new zap.
  • Then Search for Workiom in the trigger step.
  • Choose “Record Created” as the trigger type 
  • Authenticate the account using an Admin user API key
  • Chose the App name and list
  • Test the trigger
  • Choose Zapier Format as the next action
  • Under transform select the following format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.
  • Select the date field under Input if not selected
  • Select the desired format under “To Format
  • Select ”Create Document from Template” as the next action
  • Then Map the fields from the previous steps
  • Select “Find a file” in google Drive as the next action
  • The last step is to set an action to create a record in the second list in Workiom “Sales Order Files” and map the Main information as follows
  • Sales Order from the Trigger step
  • Title, Doc File URL && PDF File URL from the Third action “Create Document from Template”
  • Doc File & PDF File from the action “Find a file.”
  • Once the automation is tested, a new record will be created in Workiom List containing files URLS and documents.
  • The final document should look something like this
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