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Getting started with Workiom

Are there any ready-to-use templates?

Yes, Workiom offers tens of templates for different use cases. You can start by installing the related templates and continue to customize them for your needs. There is no additional cost for installing a new template.

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Which plan should I choose?

Workiom offers 4 types of plans.

- Free Plan: Start experimenting with Workiom for free with limited usage quota for number of records (500), automations (100) and users (3). For many personal use cases, it is enough for fully experiencing the platform for a long time.

- Team Plan: With the bundles of 5 users, you can upgrade to the Team Plan for getting more storage space (20GB), number of records (50k), number of monthly automation tasks (1000) and additionally you can determine simple permission rules on app level.

- Business Plan: With the bundles of 5 users, you can upgrade to the Team Plan for getting unlimited storage, automations, records, also you can determine advanced access permissions on app, list, field, view level. When you are upgraded to Business Plan, 5 hours of free customization support from the Workiom team is included with the price.

- Enterprise Plan: For the companies with special requests such as SSO (single sign-on), On-premise Database, full customization support or priority customer support, we offer the Enterprise Plan. The price is determined according to the needs of the client.

Learn more about plans and pricing.

How many apps can I create on my workspace?

There is no limit to the number of apps you can create from scratch or the number of templates you can install and use. Many of our users choose to make Workiom their center of operations by managing all their processes, tasks, projects, clients with different apps they created on Workiom

Can I connect apps to each other?

Yes, all the apps and lists on your workspace can be linked with each other. You can link the clients with related projects, tasks or orders. You can link your tasks with the list of suppliers or any other list you have. Workiom helps you to sync data among departments and workflows so that you will never have duplicate data or outdated data.

Can I use Workiom for free?

You can use Workiom for free, forever with limited capacity of usage which is suitable for personal use of small teams of 2-3 people.

Use Cases

Which industries can use Workiom?

Workiom offers a flexible structure and a set of ready-to-use templates such as Task Management, CRM, Order Management, Meeting Agenda, Campaign Tracking, Social Media Management, etc. Therefore it can be used by all companies of all sizes.

So far most of our clients are from Professional Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate industries.

I cannot see the templates I am looking for, what should I do? 

We continue to create new templates all the time. You can get in touch with our team to request specific templates that you are looking for. Or you can add your template request directly from this link:

Can I share my workspace with third parties that I work with?

Yes, you can add agencies, consultants, advisors, freelancers to your workspace and manage their access permissions in a way that they can only see related parts of it.

I am already using other softwares to manage parts of my business. Can I integrate them to receive and send data? 

Yes, there are many options to send data between Workiom and other tools.
- APIs
- Webhooks
- Zapier Integration
- Pabbly Integration

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