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If you’re looking to manage tasks that have a specific assignee and a due date, task list provides you with the features you need to best manage your load and your team.

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Creating a Task List

  • Under any App, click + new list.
  • Select task.
  • Click Create List, and the following will happen:
    • A task list will be created
    • The list will have 5 fields by default (Status, Summary, Description, Assignee, Due date)
    • You have 3 views (Board, table and calendar), Board is the default view.



  • Status represents the current stage of the task in the process.
  • It comes with 3 default values (To do, In Progress and done)
  • To do is the default status
  • Done is the closure status
    • Tasks in closure status will not appear in my work unless you toggle “Show Completed Tasks”
  • You can add as many more statuses as you want


  • A short usually single sentence description of the content of the task
  • The summary of the tasks is what you will see in my work, so we recommend writing a summary that will help you easily remember the content of the task


  • This field hold the full content or scope of the task
  • We recommend you write a good description of what needs to be done in the task, it helps better align the team, the effort and the expectations.


  • This field determines who sees what in their “My Work” Page
  • Users assigned to this field will see the assigned task in “My Work”.

Due Date

  • The date on which the task should be completed.
  • This field help you better filter your tasks in “My work” using the due date filter
  • The due date’s color will change according to its relation with the current date
    • If it’s in the past it will turn Red
    • If it’s today it will turn Green

Switching from Data to Task list

You can switch your data list to task list to display your tasks on my work with a few simple steps:

  • Go to the list you’d like to switch
  • Make sure the list has no more than 1K Records
  • Open the lists menu
  • Select Task, and you will be asked to provide the following:
    • Assignee field
      • You can select any user field from the list to make it act the assignee field
      • Remember that users assigned to this field will see those tasks in “My Work” page.
    • Due Date Field
      • You can select any date field from the list to use it as a due date in the task list.
      • This field will now change color as explained above.
      • And you can filter according to it using the due date filter in “My Work”
    • Status Field
      • You can select any existing Static list or Status field from the list
      • If you select a static field:
        • The first option will become the default value of the status field
        • The last option will become the Closure status of the status field
        • If there are empty values in this field they will be filled automatically with the default value.
  • Click update and start managing your tasks 😀
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