🎬Call API

Request data from other Apps and use it in Workiom.

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How to use


  • Select the desired trigger
  • From the Actions select call API
  • Here you can start configuring your action
  • You need to start by pasting the API provided by the App you’d like to connect to in the URL box.
  • If the App you’re trying to connect to requires any authentication you can add those to the headers.
  • Select the Method type, since we’re expecting to receive data we recommend using Get
  • When you select Get, you will be asked to share an example of the response you’re expecting to get from the other App
    • An easy way to do this would be to past the url in your browser, and copy the result you get, like in the example below:
  • The final configuration should look something like this:


  • Now that our CallPI is configured we can proceed to build the action we’d like to apply using the data received
  • Under Call Api Click “Add Action”.
  • Select the action you’d like to proceed with, in this example we’re using create record
  • If you're Mapping the Value to a field
    • Next to the field click the drop down menu
    • From the drop down menu select Property
    • Then Select the property from the received data
  • If you're using Formula, Email, Or message Body
    • Use double square brackets "[["
    • Select the property from the drop down, if you don't see it continue typing to narrow down search results.
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