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When a record is created under a specific list, have this automation do specific actions based on conditions that you determine, you can use it to notify the team leader when a top urgency ticket is created, reading the full article to better understand how and when to use.

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Getting Started

  • To start go to Automations under any app
  • Click create the + Automation button at the top-right corner
  • Under “Choose The Trigger” step select “Record Created”
  • Then proceed to select the list you’d like to have the automation trigger under.
  • For this case we’re selecting Tickets.
  • Then proceed to create the conditions and actions you’d like to perform when a record is created.
  • You’re ready to go!

Case Studies

Case 1

  • Install the Ticketing System Template
  • Go to Automation under Ticketing App
  • Select the automation named “Notify Admins for Urgency”
  • Update the action to notify the responsible admin
  • Now this will notify the admin whenever an urgent ticket is created

Case 2

  • Install the SaaS Product Management template
  • Go to Automations under the Product Planning App
  • Select the automation named “Notify Marketing for Release Announcement”
  • Go to the action step and update the user to Head of Marketing
  • Now when the release moves to “Ready For Deployment” a notification will be sent to the marketing team to start working on the task asap.
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