Workiom Communicates with other apps through Webhook, sending and receiving messages to execute actions and carry on processes across multiple apps.

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How to Use

Incoming Webhook

    • In the side panel go the any automation under any app.
    • Click to create new automation
    • In the Trigger Step click Webhook
    • You will be greeted with the Webhook trigger creation dialogue
      • Webhook URL: The url Workiom will receive the request on
        • will help you easily copy the webhook url
        • Regenerate link: this button will update the url and give you a new one.
          • ⚠️ Regenerating the link will cause any existing connection to stop working, if you've used the original url in other system to trigger an action on workiom you have to update the link on all those system when you regenerate it.
        • Authentication: activating this option will an authentication header key and value, you will need to provide them to the external system for the request to work
          • You can easily copy the key and the value by clicking the button
          • You can easily regenerate the key value by clicking the Regenerate header key.
        • Test you trigger: This option gives a look into the received data.
          • First go to the other system and trigger the webhook once
          • Click on Test your trigger
            • The data you received will be displayed in JSON format
          • ⚠️ If you're going to copy values from the data received a test will be necessary so you can access properties later.

    Getting Data from Incoming Webhook

    • In order to do this user have to first test the trigger
    • Choose the Action
      • If you're Mapping the Value to a field
        • Next to the field click the drop down menu
        • From the drop down menu select Property
        • Then Select the property from the received data
      • If you're using Formula, Email, Or message Body
        • Use double square brackets "[["
      • Select the property from the drop down, if you don't see it continue typing to narrow down search results.
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