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Transform your lead into a deal, create a follow up task, clone a record or a task with a click, all and more can be easily done with the create record action, see how you can do this and more by checking out the full article here.

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Getting Started

  • To start go to Automations under any app
  • Click create the + Automation button at the top-right corner
  • Select the desired trigger and adding the necessary conditions
  • In the action step select “Create Record”
  • Then proceed to select the App and List you’d like to have the record created under.
  • Then you can map the values necessary to fill the fields of the records that will be created.
  • Hit done, and you’re good to go!

Case Studies

Case 1

  • Install the CRM Module
  • Go to Automation under Sales App
  • Check the automation named “Create Deal from Lead” you will notice the following:
    • The trigger is Record updated, and it’s monitoring the Status field
    • The condition is {{Status}} = #Qualified# and not(isBlank({{Deal}})) , which means the action will only get executed when the lead has been moved to qualified and no deal had been created for the lead.
    • The action is Create Record, under the deals list, and it automatically maps the deal owner, the contact, and the products or services the prospect is interested in.

Case 2

  • Install the Customer Success Template
  • Go to Automations under the Customer Success App
  • Check the automation named “Critical NPS action” you will notice the following:
    • The trigger is Record Created, the list is NPS Responses
    • The condition is {{Overall NPS Score}} < 7  which means the action will only execute of the client is a Ditractor
    • The 1st action is Created Record
      • To create a record under Tasks list.
      • Map the Customer feedback to Description under the list
    • The 2nd action is Notify User
      • You need to update the user here to select the head of customer success that an issue has been reported by the client.
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