For your due dates, contract end date, deal closure date, scheduled meetings or even birthdays, this field will let you easily store and read any date related data.

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Creating a Date field

  • Under any list click on fields
  • Click + Create New Field
  • Type in a field name
  • From “Field Type” Drop Down List select “Date”
  • Click “New Field” and you’re good to go.
  • You can toggle “Add Time” if you’d like to add time alongside the date.


Due Date

  • Every task list has a due date field created by default
  • The due date’s color will change according to its relation with the current date
    • If it’s in the past it will turn Red
    • If it’s today it will turn Green
  • You can filter according to it in My Work.

Start & End dates

In Timeline and Calendar views you can select a Start and an End Date

  • Each record displayed in those views is represented as a bar
  • The bar starting point is the designated start date
  • The bar end point is the designated end date

Creation Date

This is an automatically generated system field that shows the record creation date.

Last Modified Date

A system field that holds shows the last date and time any field in the record was modified

Last Activity Date

Any activity related to the record including leaving a comment will update the date and time in this system field.

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