Fields represent specific data elements or attributes that are associated with a record. A record is similar to a row in a traditional spreadsheet, and each record can have one or more fields associated with it.

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Main Field

Each list has to have at least one field associated with it, this field can’t be deleted and has fewer options to choose from than other fields in the list since it acts as a primary key.

Basic Fields


Store client names, tasks descriptions, Meeting notes and more with this field made especially to store text of any length.


Age, weight, height, distance and pretty much any other numerical value can be stored in this field type, allowing you to use in reports and perform mathematical operations on.


Like Number but better formatted to reflect intuitive, easy to read and follow currency formatting for our friends in Finance.


 For your due dates, contract end date, deal closure date, scheduled meetings or even birthdays, this field will let you easily store and read any date related data.


If you need a checkbox boolean is the way to go, storing 2 values only, True or False.

Static List

Type of payment, Ticket Priority, Leave Type, Expense Category, Client Preferred Language, If you have a list of values that repeats for all your records, then a static list will make it easy to group those records according to those values.


Track the progress of your task, project or any other process with this field. Determine the statuses, name them, color them and start getting things done.


After you’re done inviting your teammates to your workspace you can use this field to assign tasks to them or make them a deal owner.

Website Link

Typing or pasting any URL here will give you quick validation of whether what you entered is a valid URL or not.


Email will store the email addresses and give you a one click send email option that will open your default email app to compose and send it to that email address.

Phone Number

Easily validate whether the number you have is in the correct format, as well as call or text on whatsapp with a click.


Contract, Medical History, Creative Assists, this is the field to store all of this on.


Make sure you don’t skip anything that needs to be done under your tasks by adding a checklist, easy as type… enter, done!

Auto Number

Create the field and let it add a number for each new record created, you can use it as an id.

Relational Fields

Linked List

Connect deals with their contacts, tasks with their projects, Products with their provider and more with this field that allows you to connect lists with each other, which opens many possibilities.


Simply count how many records are linked under a linked list field.


Let’s say you used a linked list to connect all the invoices issued for a specific project, and easily get the Sum of all of those invoices using Rollup, not only Sum, Average, Min, Max and Count.


You already connected the contact to the deal, now you can create a lookup field to get the contact’s phone number or any other details and display it under the deal’s record without the need to duplicate the data in 2 places.

Advanced Fields


Formula is a flexible field that gives you the tools you need to shape your data with very high flexibility.

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