External Forms

Whether you’re collecting leads, accepting job applications, or any other process that requires filling in some data, External forms got your back.

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Creating an External Form

  • Under any app go to Forms
  • Click External Forms
  • Click + Form button, and you will be redirected to the form creation page.
  • Choose the list you’d like to create the form for.
  • Customize your form.
  • You can preview it with the preview button.
  • Click save and you’re done.

Form Customization


  • Logo: You can add a logo to your form to emphasize your corporate identity.
  • Cover: You can further show your identity by adding a cover image, or create a gradient with the colors provided.

Form experience

  • Form Name: This is the name of the form that will help differentiate it from other forms.
  • Form Description: you can add a description to the form to help users filling it know what the form is used for and how to fill it out.
  • Message After Fields: filling this field will show a message at the bottom of the form.
  • After Submission Message: If you’d like to display a message to users after submitting the form, we recommend a “thank you!” message, or a “we will contact you soon”.

Fields options

Show / Hide

  • Show All: to show all fields from the selected list under the form
    • You can also show fields by clicking on the hidden field under the Select displayed fields.
  • Hide All: to hide all fields from the selected under the form
    • Hovering over any field displayed under the form will show you the hide button, click it to hide the field.
  • Don’t forget to click save when you’re done.

Rearrange Fields

  • Hover over the field you’d like to rearrange.
  • Click and hold the drag handler
  • Drag the field to its new position, and drop it.
  • Repeat the process with other fields until you’re satisfied with the result.

Field Name

  • You can change how the field name is displayed in the form
  • This will not affect the field name in the list.
  • We recommend using this feature to give your fields a more user-friendly name for the person submitting the form.

Field Description

  • You can use this field to let the user know what kind of information is expected, or where they can get it from.
  • The description will be displayed under the field in the form.

Default Value

  • If you want the field to hold a certain value by default in case left empty by the user you can use this option to choose one.
  • This will not affect any default value present in the field configuration in the selected list.


  • The placeholder is a text that will appear within the field to show an example of the expected data or let the user know what is expected.
  • The aim of the placeholder is to make the form experience as intuitive as possible


  • Enable this option if you want to make the field mandatory for submission.
  • This will not affect the field configuration in the selected list.

Data Type Specific options

Linked List

  • With linked list, you can choose a view filter.
  • The filter will help limit the options the submitter can choose from.


  • You can have this field set checked by default

Fields that can’t be displayed in Forms

  • Formula
  • Auto Number
  • Count
  • Lookup
  • Rollup

Sharing the Form

Clicking share will present 2 options:

  • Link: Simply share the link to receive submissions.
  • Embed: this will give you an HTML code to embed on your website.
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