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Automate sending emails through a simple integration with your gmail account.

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Getting Started

  • To start go to Automations under any app
  • Click create the + Automation button at the top-right corner
  • Select the desired trigger and add the necessary conditions
  • In the action step select “Gmail”
  • Click the dropdown to add you integration
  • Click Allow When Prompted
  • Then start configuring your Action
    • Select the Sender
      • Static: to make the sender a fixed user in your workspace
      • Dynamic: you can
        • Select a user related to a record from the tigger or output from find record (e.g. Creator, Last modifier, Assignee, Owner etc..)
        • Select a user by matching their name with a property from a coming webhook
      • From: To specify an email address that you would like to appear as the sender.Note: Only emails that have the same domain as the gmail account you integrated with can be used.
      • To:
        •  to add the recipient/s, you can click “Add Email” button for each extra recipient you’d like to add.
        • And don't forget the CC and BCC options
      • Subject: the subject line of the email
      • Body: the body of the email, you can write it as a plain text, or in HTML format.
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