You already connected the contact to the deal, now you can create a lookup field to get the contact’s phone number or any other details and display it under the deal’s record without the need to duplicate the data in 2 places.

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Creating a Lookup field

  • To be able to use a Lookup you should have
    • A Linked List field in the same list
    • The linked should only link to one record at a time (Allow multiple should be disabled)
  • Under any list click on fields
  • Click + Create New Field
  • Type in a field name
  • From “Field Type” Drop Down List select “Look Up”
    • Next you will select the Linked List you’d like to Look Up according to
    • Then you will select the field from the linked list that you’d like displayed on the current list.
  • You’re good to go!

Case Studies

Case 1

  • Install the CRM Module
  • Go to the Sales App
  • Go to deals list
  • Under the list look for the “Lead Owner” field, you will notice the following:
    • The field is of type Look Up
    • It’s looking for the value of the Lead’s Owner under Contacts List
    • This will help better calculate how many of the leads generated by that person end up as closed deals.
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