Age, weight, height, distance and pretty much any other numerical value can be stored in this field type, allowing you to use in reports and perform mathematical operations on.

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Creating a Number field

  • Under any list click on fields
  • Click + Create New Field
  • Type in a field name
  • From “Field Type” Drop Down List select “Number”
  • Click “New Field” and you’re good to go!

Field Options


  • In the field options menu you will see the field Symbol
  • You can type anything you like in this field and it will appear next to all numbers under that field.
  • E.g. if you type kg, the numbers will look like this 73 kg


  • Type % in the symbol to let your team know that the number here reflects a percentage.
  • Type “ in the field to let your team know that the length or height is measured in Inches.


  • This option determines how many digits after the decimal point will be displayed.
  • It helps keep a clean table if fractions are not important.
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