The number field has a very useful option, which is to add unit, enabling an easier understanding of what the number in the field represents

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Custom Unit in Number Field 📏

Main functionality

  1. It gives you the ability to add any desired unit to a number field making the numbers easier to understand for all users

How to use:

  1. In an already existing or while creating a new Number type field
    1.1.  In the unit field enter the desired unit
    1.2. The numbers in this field will now be displayed with the unit you entered.


Task Management 
  1. In the time estimation and logged time field add “Hours” or “Minutes”
Patient Management System
  1. In the Height field add ”cm” and it will be displayed right next to the patient height 
  2. In the Dosage field add “mg” and it will be easier  to understand the dosage.
  3. In the Test Results add “mg/dl” and it will make the result much easier to read
Car Rental
  1. In the odometer field add “km”
  2. In the average fuel consumption add “km/Liters” or “m/gallons”

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