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Get tasks and items done and see your progress filling up in real time.

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Creating a Progress Bar

  • Under any list click on “View Customization” buttons
  • Under fields click “+ Create New Field”
  • Type a field name
  • From “Field Type” Drop Down List select “Progress Bar”
  • Next you will select the field you’d like to calculate the progress according to, you can select either
    • Subtask field, in your task lists to follow the progress of your subtasks as they’re getting done.
    • Checklist, everytime you tick an item, the progress bar fills up.

How is the progress calculated


  • For subtasks the progress is calculated based on how many subtasks you have done
  • The task is considered done when it moved to a Closed Status
  • In your status field you define more than one closed status

If your Main Task has 10 Subtasks, and 7 of those subtasks are done, your progress will be 7/10 = 70%


  • For checklist the progress is calculated based on how many items are done in your checklist
  • Once you’re done editing your checklist the progress will be reflected on your progress bar

If your checklist has 8 items, and 2 of those items are checked, your progress will be 2/8 = 25%

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