Public Forms

Public Forms are another way to populate our lists. We can create a form link to share with anyone online and gather data directly into our lists.

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There are many use cases for public forms, which we will discuss later in this article. But first, let's see how we can create a public form.

In order to add a public form for a list, we need to click on 'Forms' on the left sidebar and then click on 'New Form' button.

create new form

Choose the list that you want to populate using the public form.

You can customise the name and description of the form to explain it better.

choose the list & enter name

By default, all of the custom fields on you list are added to the form. You can select the fields you want to populate using 'Hide' and 'Show' buttons next to each field. If a field is not added to your form, you will see it under 'Select display fields'. In order to remove a field from the form, click on the 'Hide' button that shows on the right top corner of it when you hover on the field on form.

remove fields from the form

You can create new fields for the form by clicking on 'New Field', all of which will be automatically added to the related list too. After creating the field, click on the '+' sign to add it into the form.

add new field for the form

You can customise the form by adding your company logo and a background image as shown below:

add logo & background

Private Form : If you want to make the form inaccessible for the nonusers, activate 'is Private' button, under the Visibility section. This will make the form accessible only for the users in your workspace.

When you are done with customising the form, click on 'Save' button.

You can preview the form by clicking on 'Preview' button on right next to the Save button.

make the form private & preview

Share the Form: by clicking on 'Share Form' button, you can see the URL of the form, copy it and share it wherever you need. You can add it to your website, send via email or SMS or use it internally.

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