Track the progress of your task, project or any other process with this field. Determine the statuses, name them, color them and start getting things done.

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Creating a Status field

  • Under any list click on fields
  • Click + Create New Field
  • Type in a field name
  • From “Field Type” Drop Down List select “Status List”
  • You will have 3 Statuses by default
    • To Do, this will be the default value of the field, you can change it.
    • In Progress
    • Done, this will be the closure status of the field, you can change it or add more closure statuses.
  • You can then add Statuses by clicking on “+ New Item”, Each status has
    • Value, and this is the text written within the status.
    • Color, you can select the color of each status from a range of colors from the menu right next to the status.
  • You need to keep at least one status to be able to create the field.

Status Field Options

Default Value

  • It’s the value every task will have when created unless changed upon creation.
  • It’s the status where the task will be considered not started.

Closure Status

  • It accepts multiple statuses
  • Tasks in this status are considered done and will be
    • Hidden by default under My Work.
    • Grayed out in list view.

Tips and Tricks

Bulk adding statuses

You can add statuses in bulk by doing the following:

  • Separating statuses with a comma “,”.
  • Copy the values with the commas and paste it into the status’ value.
  • The comma will act as a separator between statuses and multiple statuses will be created.

Adding Emojis

  • Using Windows
    • In the statuses value click Windows logo key + ;
    • The will show a list of emojis and you can start typing to find the emoji you’re looking for.
  • Using MacOS
    • In the statuses value click Ctrl + CMD + Space
    • The will show a list of emojis and you can start typing to find the emoji you’re looking for.
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