Switching Between Field Types

After creating a field you might realize that you’ve selected the wrong field type and need to go back and revise, Workiom facilitates the ability to change between Fields Types for most fields, we will explore the different cases below.

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How to use

After creating a field, simply open the field’s menu and select a different type from the drop down menu.


  • The field you want to change should be empty.
  • Switching from and to Linked List type field is not allowed.

Switching Static List to Status

  • You can easily switch back and forth between Status and static List.
  • When switching from Static list to status all empty values will be automatically filled with the default value.
  • You will notice that the Status list will:
    • Take the first option as its default value, in which the task will be considered to do, not started yet.
    • Take the last option as its closure value, in which the task will be considered done, closure value allows multiple selection.
    • You can change those with different options as you see fit.
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