Unique Content

Some fields should have a unique value for each record, like Emails, Phone Number, IDs and more. Workiom helps you keep your list clean with no duplicates by offering the unique content option for a range of field types.

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How to use

  • Under any field type, simply toggle the “Unique Content” option

Cases and Recommendations


In the CRM Case it’s recommended that some fields are set to required to make sure you’re getting the crucial information necessary for your team to close deals. In the table below we will explore the lists, fields that are recommended to be required, and why.

App List Field Justification
Sales Lead Email Simply put, if you’re receiving the same email twice then you already have the lead.
Phone Same with email, the same phone number used on 2 different leads means you have only one real lead out of the 2.

Order Management

App List Field Justification
Order Management Orders OrderID Since it’s an ID it should be unique.

Task Management

App List Field Justification
Task Management Tasks Description If 2 tasks have the exact same description, they’re one task.
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