🎬Update Record Action

Automatically update the status of a record, change the assignee based on a specific status, link a lead to an existing contact if the phone number matches, and much more can be achieved with this action.

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Getting Started

  • To start go to Automations under any app
  • Click create the + Automation button at the top-right corner
  • Select the desired trigger and add the necessary conditions
  • In the action step select “Update Record”
    • Please note that if you select Webhook, or Recurring as trigger you can’t use update record unless you select it as a sub-action of Find Record.
  • In the next step you will select the record that will get updated, you will notice that the options are 
    • Triggering Record: This is the record that caused the automation to trigger.
    • Triggering Record - Linked: You can select any record that is linked to the Triggering Record through a linked list field.
    • Output Record: if you’re using Find Record, this will select the record that matches the find criteria.
    • Output Record - Linked: You can select any record that is linked to the Output Record through a linked list field.
  • Each of the options mentioned above will be preceded by a number, the number refers to the automation step.
  • Then you can map the values you’d like to fill the fields of the records that will be updated.
  • Hit done, and you’re good to go!

Case Studies

Case 1

  • Install the SaaS Product Management template
  • Go to Automations
  • Check the automation named “Bounced” you will notice the following:
    • The trigger is Record updated, and it’s monitoring the Status field
    • The condition is {{Status}} = #Planned# and {{Went To Testing}} which means the action will only get executed when the task had been through Testing and then returned to “Planned”
    • The action is Update Record, it will simply reassign the task to whomever worked on it in the first place.
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