User field has an important option, which is to disable assignment notification.

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Disable Assign Notifications 🔇

Main functionality

  1. To disable/enable assign notifications for user type field
  2. Notify will be set to disabled by default

How To use

Method 1:
  1. Under any view go to fields
  2. Go to the user fields you’d like to disable/enable notifications on
  3. Click the 3 dots menu next to the field
  4. Next to notify you can enable/disable assign notifications
Method 2:
  1. In grid view hover over the column header
  2. Click the 3 dots menu that will appear next to the field
  3. Next to notify you can enable/disable assign notifications


Record Assignee History
  1. We will take development teams as an example
  2. Let’s assume you have a field called assignee which shows the user currently working on the task, now create the following fields:
    2.1.  Developer: the person who wrote the code.
    2.2 Code reviewer: the person who reviewed the code written by the developer
    2.3. QA tester: the person who did the testing
    2.4. Make sure that all those fields have Notify set to Disabled
  3. Create an automation
    3.1.  Select Record Updated as a trigger
    3.2. Select Assignee as the field to monitor for updated
    3.3. Now add a condition to check if status matches Under Development
    Should look something like this
    {{1. Status}}​ = #1. Under Development 🏃
    3.4. Now for the action
           3.4.1.  Select Triggering Record for The Record to update
            3.4.2. Go to the Developer Field we created
            3.4.3. From the drop down next to the Developer field select Dynamic
            3.4.4. Select Assignee, and this will copy the current Assignee to the Developer Field
  4. This will now record the developer that worked on the task every time the task moves to Under Development, without sending redundant notifications to the user.
  5. Repeat this process for each field

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