Whether you are managing tasks, projects, orders or customer relationship, kanban boards are extremely useful ways to visualise the progress. If you have at least one static list field on your list, you can create a new board view easily by clicking on 'New View' and selecting 'Board'.

You can name your new view and select a 'Grouping Field' to categorise your records with. If you have more than one static lists among your fields, choose the one you would like to use with this board view.

Move the cards step by step as you progress using drag-and-drop interface. You can click on a card to see the details of a record.

Changing The Steps of The Kanban Board

In order to change the steps or categories of the board, you will need to edit the static list field you use. Click on 'Field' menu, click on the 3 dots next to the static list field and edit the steps.

Changing The Visible Fields on Cards

You can make your kanban cards leaner or more crowded according to your preference. In order to edit the visibility of the fields on each card, click on 'Field' menu and choose the one you want to show on your board view.

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