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Using the automations, you can create a smart notifications system for your workspace.

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Workiom has some built-in notifications for basic things such as; when a user is assigned to a record, when a user is tagged in a comment etc. However using the automation system users can create a smart, use-case-specific notification messages.

'Notify User' is one of the automation actions in Workiom that you can use with all automation triggers;

  • a record is created,
  • a record is updated,
  • a record matches a condition (using 'record updated' with conditions), 
  • time triggers

When you select 'Notify User' as the automation action, you are asked to choose the User that will be notified as either 'Static' or 'Dynamic' field type: 

  • Static field type is used when you want to notify the same user, independent from the details of the record that triggered the automation. You can choose a user in you workspace from the list of users
  • Dynamic field type is used when you want to get the user information from one of the user fields of the record that triggered the automation.
Static User Field

Dynamic User Field

Writing the notification text:

You can use the dynamic fields from the trigger record in the notification text by choosing the field from the list that opens automatically. For example in the video below you can see that the contact name, company and role is added to notification message as dynamic fields: 

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