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Send automated SMS messaged using our integration with providers such as Twilio and Unifonic.

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Using automations the streamline communications within and out of team is something we pay a lot of attention to. Apart from being able to send Automate Emails, our users can now easily connect their SMS provider accounts to send automated SMS messaged directly from Workiom.

In order to add a 'Send SMS' action to your automation tasks, choose 'Send SMS' in actions menu:

For the moment, we have 2 integration available for sending SMS messages; Twilio and Unifonic. If you have an account with one of these providers, you can choose the provider and then click on 'New Integration': 

For Twilio:

You will need to go to account settings in your Twilio dashboard:  https://www.twilio.com/user/account/settings

And copy/paste your 'Account SID' and 'Auth Token' into Workiom:

For Unifonic:

You just need to copy/paste your 'Account SID' into Workiom:

Setting Up The SMS Message

After you integrated Workiom wiht your Twilio or Unifonic account, you will be asked to configure:

  • Action Type: you need to choose 'Send SMS' for automated SMS messages.
  • From Number: in case you have more than one phone numbers created in your account, you need to specify which one to use.
  • To Number: you can either enter a 'Static' phone number or choose a 'Dynamic' field to get the phone number from in the record that trigger the automation.
  • Message Body: writing the text message, you can you the dynamic fields from the record that trigger the automation such as the name of the contact or a description text field..

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