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Workiom offers a flexible workspace that can be customised according to the needs of various teams and companies.

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Workiom offers a flexible workspace that can be customised according to the needs of various teams and companies. There are 6 main functions of Workiom:
- Unified Workspace: Get your teams, processes, and data to unite. Manage it all in one connected workspace! No more silos and isolated data.

- Data Organisation: Arrange your data they way you need, create new structures, new viewing options. Workiom is part spreadsheet and part relational database, all with advanced viewing and filtering options.

- Task and Project Management: Task management is an integral part of every workflow you have and Workiom allows you to manage tasks connected to your data, projects, customers, processes, products, orders...

- Automated Workflows: Save time and money, focus on meaningful work only, and delegate repetitive tasks to the machine. Create "If This Then That" conditions to create workflows, to link different processes or to create email/notification actions.

- Team Collaboration: Bring everyone together, and streamline workflows towards collective success. Workiom helps orchestrate your team to a perfect tune. Make online collaboration joyful with features like advanced access permissions, smart notification system, activity log, commenting and mentioning..

- Tracking and Reporting Performance: Create reports and dashboards based on your data. Always stay up-to-date with the current status and bring transparency across your organisation.

Some of the ready-to-use Workiom templates:

1- Customer Relationship Management (CRM): From the first contact to the invoice, you can manage your sales process with this easy-to-use CRM template.
2- Order Management: Track your purchases with this template. Keep a list of every supplier you work with and connect it with the every purchase you make.
3- Objectives and key results (OKR): This template is a practical implementation of OKR framework with objectives, key results and related tasks.
4- Campaign Tracking: Campaign Tracking template gives you a common ground to monitor every campaign that is going on across channels.
5- Social Media Management: Use this Workiom template to ideate, schedule and track all your social media posts.
6- Human resources (HR): It has several options to help you manage all the stages of hiring as well as run a database of responsible managers and call logs.
7- Product Planning: Issues, sprint planning, scheduling releases, organising feature ideas and tracking the development of each feature with a kanban board.
9- Marketing Asset Management: Archive, categories and easily reach to all your marketing assets such as case studies, testimonials, tutorials, blog articles, webinar recordings, ebooks....
10- Meeting Agenda: Organise you meeting agenda, attendees, action items in this Workiom template to save time with more efficient meetings.

Example Workflows for Different Teams

Marketing Teams:
Streamlining the creative production processes with Workiom is very effective; production pipeline for social media posts, blog articles, advertisements, emails, videos etc.
- Create approval processes and automated task assignments for each stage of the pipeline.
- Organise all marketing assets by category and linke them to the posts, articles etc.
- Create standalone apps for marketing projects, manage agencies with special access permissions.
- Make social media publishing, blog article publishing, campaign and email calendars accessible to everybody to create transparency and unified strategy across the team.
- Integrate other cloud tools you use with Workiom to create a single source of truth by using Workiom as a central place to orchestrate all marketing efforts.

Product Teams:
Product managers, designers, developers, testers, UX researchers, Scrum masters and all other product people... They need an online workspace that can be flexible enough to let the all work together. Workiom allows each of these people to design their own workflow and manage their processes with in a connected manner with everybody else on the team.
- Create a product roadmap, ideate and discuss for the product strategy
- Ideate, plan, execute new features and report the performance
- Collect feedback from the users, organise the feedback and turn it into action item as a new feature, bug fix, UX improvement etc.
- Plan sprints, releases, launches.

Venture Capital:
VC companies can use Workiom to streamline their scouting, deal flow and portfolio company management. They can manage all of these processes in connection to task management, social media and blog planning, PR management...
- Create a list of companies in radar, move them through the deal flow pipeline, add notes, files, comments and all the important information to make the right decision.
- Create an application form to embed into the website or to send via email, receive the applicants right into the scouting pipeline.
- Automate the email communication with the scouted companies and applicants, created automated tasks and checklists to streamline the process.
- Manage portfolio companies, provide an efficient online collaboration workspace where they can add investor updates, metric tracking dashboards, requests for introductions, meeting agenda items and their roadmap. Use advanced access permissions to manage all portfolio companies in one workspace.

As a complimentary tool for e-commerce dashboards, you can use Workiom for gathering all the orders from different marketplaces and managing the operations in one workspace.
- Manage orders, create a fulfilment pipeline, assign automated tasks related to each order.
- Create a lightweight CRM of all the customers, linked with the orders data. Use this CRM for future communications, campaign planning.
- Create a product catalog and use it as a central information point where you update your listings via integrations.
- Create reports and dashboard to track performance of your online stores.
- Create feedback forms, send automated emails with forms, or asking for reviews.

Service Agencies:
Healthcare clinics, tourism agencies, language schools, real estate managers and all other agencies that provide various services can use Workiom to manage their workflows, customer relations..
- Create a CRM to manage sales pipeline. Bring in leads from different platforms using integrations, create a log of every interaction, report the performance of your sales team.
- Create workflows to manage logistics, operations, delivery of your services.
- Manage customer success communication after the service delivery.
- Manage your lead generation and marketing channels; social media planning, content planning, PR outreach, email marketing, campaign tracking..
- Manage agencies you work with in one workspace; use advanced access permissions for showing or hiding sensitive data.

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