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Invite your team members to your account to benefit from collaboration features on Workiom.

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Invite your team members to your account to benefit and use collaboration features on Workiom.

At the most basic setup every created user has access to all of public applications in a workspace, with the exception of the admin, all of the new added users will be created with a default “user” role that allow them to add data but not to edit the format of the current lists.
In order to create roles and assign different access permissions, check out: Advanced Access Permissions

To access to your tenant’s user accounts and information, expand the sidebar, then click on “Settings”, and then chose "Users".

To add a new user, click on the “+ Create new user” button at the top-right angle, as shown below:

Fill the following mandatory information before saving the new account:

Name of the new user,
Email address, will be required for login
And username, could be used interchangeably with the email address to login to Workiom.

Optional settings:

Set a random password that will be sent over email to the new account.
Require the new account holder to change the first setup email after their first login.
Re-send an activation email to the account holder.
Activate the account in case it is locked-out.
Enable account lock-out over suspicious login activities.

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