Get a table view of all records-related transactions that take place in your workspace, this is only available for the Workspace Owner and Super Admins.

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Available Details

On the Activities page, you will find the following details:

Activity Name
  • The title of the activity done, it can be
    • For single record updates, you will find the Record’s Main Field.
    • For import and export, you will find the file Name.
    • For Bulk Update, you will see the list name alongside the update field name.

List Name

  • The List name Under which the activity took place.


  • The type of activity can be one of the following:
    • Create: a new record was created.
    • Update: an existing record was updated, by changing the value in any of its fields.
    • Delete: a record was deleted.
    • Import: records were imported.
    • Export: records were Exported.
    • Bulk Update: multiple records were bulk updated.


  •  The date on which the activity took place.


  • The user that caused the activity


App Selector

  • You can select an app to check all activities that happened under that app.
  • At the top right corner
    • Click the App name
    • Select the app you’d like to see
    • Workiom will retrieve the activities for that app and display them
  • You can click load activities count if you’re interested in seeing the count of the activities displayed in the table.

Search and Filter

You can narrow down the result by

  • Searching the activity name, simply start typing in search to narrow down the results
  • Using a filter, you can filter according to:
    • Related List, under the app you selected with the app selector you can select a specific list in this filter to narrow down the results further.
    • User, you can select one or more users to see the activities caused by those users only.
    • Action Type, you can select one or more action types to see only the activities related to those actions.
    • Date, here you can select a date range to check activities that happened in that time frame only.
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