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Let’s say you need to restructure your apps, or simply clone a list to have the same Fields & Views under a different app. Well, you can simply move lists between apps.

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How to Move a List

  • Simply go to the app where the list is located
  • Find your list and click on the list’s context menu
  • Click Move List
  • Select the Target App where you would like your list moved to
  • Confirm your selection and in seconds your list will be moved.

Important Notes:

  • If the list you moved is linked to any other list all those links will be retained.
  • Automations that have the moved list in their trigger list will be moved to the new app alongside the list and continue to function as expected.
  • If there’s a list with the same name in the Target App, a number suffix will be added to the end of the moved list name (e.g. “Tasks List” will become “Tasks List (1)”)
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