Workspace General Settings

Here you can change the general settings for your workspace, like workspace information, time settings, and changing the owner.

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Company Name

  • This name is the name that appears under the user name all across the workspace
  • It’s just the display name of your workspace, it will not change the URL you use to access your workspace.

Workspace URL

  • You can change your workspace URL here.
  • When you finish typing your new workspace URL click save to check whether it’s available or not
    • If available it will be saved
    • If not you will receive a prompt letting you know that the name is already taken.

Date & Time settings


  • The workspace timezone is the timezone of the workspace creator when they created the workspace.
  • Workiom will determine the suitable working hours based on your workspace timezone and send notifications accordingly.

Date Format

  • Here you can select the date format out of the 3 available formats, Below we will take an example for the date 31st of December 1987.
Format Output
DD/MM/YYYY 31/12/1987
MM/DD/YYYY 12/31/1987
YYYY/MM/DD 1987/12/31

Time Format

  • You can toggle between a 24 and 12 based time format

First Day of the Week

  • You can select the first day of the week here
  • The first day of the week will affect the first day you see in your week while using the calendar view

Change Workspace Owner

  • Workspace owner is the highest privileged opener in your workspace
  • If you’d like to change your Workspace’s owner
    • Click on the field
    • Select the new owner
    • Click Change owner

Delete Workspace

  • To completely delete your Workspace you can contact our Support Team
  • The deletion process could take up to 10 working days
  • Only the Workspace Owner can request their workspace to be deleted
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