Workspace Settings

Workspace setting is your captain’s cockpit, this is where you set everything related to your, to better determine and adjust your experience with Workiom.

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Here you can change the general settings for your workspace, like workspace information, time settings, and changing the owner.

Manage Members

This is your invite, deactivate and activate your teammates' accounts, as well as change User Type.

Teams & Permissions

Group your teammates into teams and grant each team the permissions they need to get work done and have full control over who can see or edit what.


Check your workspace integration with external apps, whether it’s email, SMS provider or automation tools like Zapier.


Take a quick look at your plan’s details and remaining balance, check your invoices or upgrade your plan.

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Looking for something else?

Search by entering some keywords such as; 'email automation', 'linked list'...
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