Be in Control with Workiom's Permissions

Workiom's Permissions feature gives workspace admins the power to control access to specific elements within the workspace. With granular control down to the field level, this feature offers a high level of customization, enhancing data security, streamlining collaboration, and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

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Functionality and Capabilities:

The Permissions feature in Workiom allows admins to determine who can access what within the workspace. By default, everything is public, but admins can make specific elements private to restrict access. This level of control extends to individual fields, enabling admins to define which subset of data is visible to specific users. Different levels of access can be assigned to users, based on roles or responsibilities.

Advantages and Benefits:

The Permissions feature offers several advantages for users. Firstly, it improves focus by reducing distractions caused by unnecessary information. By controlling access to specific elements, team members can concentrate on what is relevant to their work. Secondly, it enhances data security by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. This feature is particularly valuable for HR departments handling confidential employee data and governmental organizations safeguarding sensitive project details. Lastly, the Permissions feature streamlines collaboration by granting access to relevant team members, allowing for efficient coordination and improved productivity.

Differentiation from Competitors:

Workiom's Permissions feature stands out from competitors due to its ability to set permission access down to the field level. This feature provides administrators with a detailed level of control, allowing them to determine which subset of data is visible to specific users. This level of granularity ensures that organizations can maintain strict control over data visibility and confidentiality, setting Workiom apart from other similar products or services in the market.


Workiom's Permissions feature empowers workspace admins with the ability to control access to specific elements within the workspace, down to the field level. By providing granular control over data visibility, Workiom ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and accessible only to authorized individuals. This feature sets Workiom apart from competitors by offering field-level permission access, allowing organizations to maintain data security, comply with regulations, and meet privacy requirements. With Workiom's Permissions feature, users can streamline collaboration, enhance data security, and focus on their specific tasks, all while maintaining full control over access permissions.

By leveraging the power of Workiom's Permissions feature, organizations can establish a secure and efficient workspace, where data privacy is upheld, and productivity is optimized. With customizable access levels and the ability to limit data visibility to specific subsets, Workiom empowers users to maximize the potential of their workspaces while safeguarding sensitive information.

Embrace the power of the Permissions feature in Workiom and experience a new level of control, security, and productivity within your workspace.

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