Getting started With Permissions

In this article we will take a quick look at the bigger picture when it comes to permissions, to help you be better prepared to start configuring your workspace’s permissions.

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You can grant your users access to elements of your workspace in different ways, each is configured to what makes most sense for the element you’re dealing with.

Areas of access

User Type

The user type can be determined upon invite or afterwards through “Manage Member” under workspace settings. The user type will determine the overall level of access the user has over the workspace.


Apps are where your work gets done, whether to manage, collaborate or simply view you can invite users/teams under different roles to the app directly, giving you the option to avoid extra set up to grant access when not necessary.


Dashboards are where your data speaks numbers, helping you get a view of your business status at a glance, and influencing important business decisions. Which is why it’s crucial that you can easily share your dashboard with collaborators and views.


You can group up your users into teams, which makes it much easier to keep permissions in control where you can update the team’s permissions to have it reflect on all of its members.

Automations and External Forms

Automations and External Forms are accessible to read, update, create and delete only by the App owner, workspace owner, or super admin.

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