User Types

The user type can be determined upon invite or afterwards through “Manage Member” under workspace settings. The user type will determine the overall level of access the user has over the workspace.

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User Types

Workspace Owner

Workspace owner is the most privileged user in the workspace, and has access to everything, so anything mentioned as a privilege in this article, they can do.

By default the Owner is the user that created the workspace, that can be later changed through Workspace settings.

Super Admin

All the privileges of workspace owner except:

  • Change Workspace Owner.


Area Access Level Details
Public Apps Full Access Create, Read, Update, Delete the app and everything under it.
Private Apps Managed Access Only have access if granted by admin, and the access can be configured for different elements of the app from Teams & Permissions
Create New Apps Yes Can be prevented from Teams & Permissions
Invite Team Members Yes Can be prevented from Teams & Permissions
Create Dashboards Yes Can be prevented from Teams & Permissions
Workspace settings Yes Can be prevented from Teams & Permissions
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